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About us

Grotesque is a high quality men's shoe label. Grotesque has found the perfect balance between sporty and classy men's shoes with innovative designs. These shoes are lovingly produced in our factory in Portugal, where the unique designs of our designer are brought to life using only the finest Italian/Portuguese materials.
Real quality for an affordable price is something that is not verry common. With their shoes Grotesque wants to increase the market offer for affordable high quality shoes. Grotesque does this by producing leather-lined shoes with only the best Italian materials and a removable insoles. In addition, the Grotesque shoes have the perfect fit that ensures that their collections are comfortable and wearable for every man.
Grotesque wants to close the gap between sporty and classy shoes by coming up with innovative and unique shoe collections that will not be missed by every (business) man. Grotesque produces contemporary models that are both wearable under a suit for business meetings or events but will also fit perfectly with an all-day outfit. This is to motivate men to continue to pursue their goals not only in working life but also in their own time.
All this for an affordable price so that every man can enjoy genuine quality shoes.
Grotesque Shoes is proudly part of Brandfarm BV.
Brandfarm Company Kaatsheuvel The Netherlands is a progressive service company in the field of shoe fashion, with factories in Portugal.
Brandfarm is owner of the brands Tango, Grotesque, Yellow Cab and Original Bufflox that are marketed internationally.